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What is SMART Governance?

“SMART Governance” is about the future of the public services, it’s about greater efficiency, community leadership, mobile working and continuous improvement through innovation. SMART Governance is about using technology to facilitate and support better planning and decision making. It is about improving democratic processes and transforming the ways that public services are delivered. It includes e-government, the efficiency agenda and mobile working.

What are the aims of the Network?

The objectives of the Network are to stimulate ideas, encourage and support experience sharing, and to challenge existing ways of working. It is a new network that is building on and expanding the remit of the e-champions’ Network that was formerly operated by the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA).

How does it operate?

It is a largely virtual network with a slim administrative and operational structure. It will be running experience sharing events, providing regular updates on SMART Governance issues, and encouraging innovation in public service delivery. It will also commission and share research.


About Us