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e-Champions’ Network

The e-champions’ Network was originally formed in 2001 to promote the e-government agenda and support local e-champions with implementation. Its aims were to provide channels of communication with and across local government in order to share developments and learning about e-government. It quickly established a wide and influential membership with officer and councillor e-champions in every English local authority, operating as part of the IDeA’s e-Government Directorate.

In the near future the IDeA will be transferring the management and co-ordination of the e-Champions Network to a new organisation – the SMART Governance Network, which will absorb the e-champions activities and build on its achievements.

For an initial period the SMART Governance Network is offering free membership to all existing and former e-champions, and the opportunity to influence and shape the future plans of the new Network. For free membership you will usually require a “dot.gov” email address.


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